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The time it takes to construct System Built Homes is MUCH faster than a new stick built home - which averages 7 months.

A System Built Home is actually assembled in the factory over a 2 or 3 week timeframe (once it goes "online"), and the rough unit assembly time at the site is only 1 to 3 days. This is, however, only part of the story. The overall time can vary depending upon whether we are doing all parts of the construction for you (Turnkey) or whether we are partnering on the construction (in which case we supply the home and its assembly*, and you oversee the site improvements -- for which you are in control of the pace and timing).

After home and lot selection, there are 5 basic stages of the project which has the following Rapid and Typical timeframe.

As you can see from these timeframes, we have had some projects completed in just over 2 months and typically Pre-Construction is 1.5 months, while the typical construction phase is 3 months.

Arranging for Financing, Appraisal, Title Search and at the same time obtain site work bids and approvals
0.25 months 1.5 months
Have the Home Built at the Factory and Delivered* at the same time the foundation is installed on site
0.75 months 1 month
Assembly of the Home and Interior/Exterior Finish*
0.75 months 1 month
Hook-Up of Utilities and Utility Checkout
0.25 months 0.5 months
If Any Onsite Adds (Finish Basement, Porches, Garages)
0.25 months 0.5 months
*Ask for Clarification
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