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We can help you and your family re-build and fully recover after a
fire, flood, or tornado.

I’ve Had A Disaster. What Should I Do Now?

If you’ve suffered a disaster to your home or business, you should immediately reach out to your insurance company. If in Ohio, contact TriPoint Homes. We can help you arrange all your next steps. We’ll coordinate a time to review the damage to your property and help you submit your disaster damage claim to get the maximum payout. For safety guidance following your disaster, visit FEMA for helpful information.

Get an expert to audit your damage report for you.

Working with TriPoint allows you to expedite the process and ensures that you get the insurance settlement you deserve. Our team can take on the burden of auditing your loss documentation so you do not have to. We are experts when it comes to property damage and insurance claims management.


Insurance claims can be stressful, but Tri-Point can help.


Working with TriPoint means you don't have to take on what can be a complex and difficult process. Our team of experts understand all types of policies and we have 52 years of experience needed to settle any potential disputes.



What We Do


> Free damage assessment at your property

> Complete review of current insurance policy

> Ensure insurance company gives you the coverage you deserve

> 90% of people we have helped have received more money than expected

> Rebuild your home

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