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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do System Built Homes Appreciate?

Yes, System Built Homes appreciate much like other homes in your neighborhood, whether they are stick-built or System Built. However, System Built home buyers typically experience a special, immediate "off the lot" APPRECIATION of 10% to 30% (when their new home is completed) and then the home continues to appreciate at a rate similar to other homes in the same area -- typically 3% to 4% per year thereafter.


Why are System Built Homes Better?

System Built Homes are better for a multitude of reasons.
The biggest include:

  • We use 30% more lumber than typical stick built homes and are stronger and more durable (See FEMA report following Hurricane Andrew)

  • Our homes are more energy-efficient than typical stick built homes, always including nearly twice the wall insulation of typical stick built homes.

  • We can build new, custom to suit your needs, on a lot of your choice, in 1/2 to 1/3rd the time of typical stick built homes.

  • Our homes are designed, built, and inspected to a "SUPERCODE", unlike the stick built homes in 1/2 of our markets which have NO code and NO inspections! The "SUPERCODE" allows the factory to place the home in any of Ohio's 88 counties or in neighboring states without change.

  • Our homes are built entirely indoors in a controlled climate -- unlike stick built homes where rain and snow damage the floors and lumber.

  • We can dedicate huge volume purchases of raw materials, requiring volume discounts from suppliers, which keep costs down.

  • The same volume purchase ability allows us to use specialized products such as 4x11 sheets of OSB reducing waste further keeping costs down.

  • We can use special construction techniques not possible with stick building, make your home safer, stronger, and more energy efficient.


Are System Built Homes Energy Efficient?

Yes, System Built Homes are more energy efficient than other construction methods. This is due to the tightness of our homes. By using more insulation, thicker walls, specialized products, house wraps, many caulked wood seams, foam seal applied drywall, high quality Thermopane windows and high quality doors, we have been able to lower many of our clients' energy bills by HUNDREDS of dollars a month. Discover for yourself how Tri-Point Homes can make the mortgage and total cost of home ownership more affordable.

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