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Client Testimonials

“The staff at Tri-Point was extremely helpful! They did everything I asked of them. I had absolutely no problems! I’m so excited to move in to my new house! The house looks so great! Thank you Tri-Point!” -- Melissa
“Working with Tri-Point was a very good experience. I knew nothing about buying a home but Tri-Point left nothing for me to worry about because they handled it all. Unlike other types of construction, with a Tri-Point home I moved in and everything was just right there, ready. I have never done anything like this before but it went very, very smooth and I moved into my new home on time. I was worried about cupboard space when I was looking for a home but I can easily get everything in my cupboards with room to spare! I was amazed that at the end of the project we had thousands of dollars left that I wasn’t counting on. I can build my garage this fall instead of waiting until next year! Thank you, Tri-Point.” - Barb
“Tri-Point worked through our concerns with us. They were so helpful and caring. With their assistance, we stayed within our budget. We are very happy with the service they provide. They had us in our new home on time and gave us the extra money back. We plan on using that money for air conditioning! We definitely recommend them to everyone.” – Kevin and Kathy
“The whole process of purchasing a Tri-Point home was exciting and enlightening. We love all of the extra little features that are included as a part of the home. The construction crew was excellent! They did the work efficiently and cleaned up when the work was done. The crew also made sure that all the connections for our utilities were made and worked properly. The staff was kind and helpful. Everyone did a super job and I am extremely pleased with my new home. I would recommend Tri-Point Homes to anyone looking for a new home.” - Clara and Bill
“The setup of the home went very well. The home looks great. We are very satisfied and happy with our Tri-Point Homes experience.” - Deanna and Brandon
“I had a very pleasant experience purchasing my home. I like the great value of the home. I love the way it’s set up. With Tri-Point’s help, I got excellent rates enabling me to have this fantastic home. The friendly people at Tri-Point got me in on time like they told me they would. Everything went so smoothly—just like clockwork. I’m very happy with the way the place looks. Thanks Tri-Point!” – Dave
“My Tri-Point sales representative understood my concerns about purchasing a home. He saw to my wants and my needs. I really like the way he helped me pick out and buy my home. The team’s professionalism had a lot to do with my decision to buy from Tri-Point. I felt comfortable. Tri-Point explained and assisted me with the process of financing my home, which eased my fears. With caring and concern is the way I describe the way the Tri-Point team helped me throughout the process. Purchasing my new home from Tri-Point is a beginning, a stepping point, for me.” – Penny
“We came to Tri-Point with an emergency situation. The caring, friendly staff helped get us into our new home right when we needed to move. The lay out of our home is excellent. I’ve looked other places and Tri-Point homes include things that other places just don’t. The great looks of the house weren’t the only factor that motivated us to choose Tri-Point. Their staff was also a huge reason. The friendship between the Tri-Point staff and us, the buyers, was a very comforting addition to the home buying process. Some salespeople may be very high pressure at other places, but not at Tri-Point. Their sales team helped as much as possible. Tri-Point is definitely the way to go!” – Richard and Rose
“We just purchased our third home from Tri-Point. We are extremely pleased. Everyone has done a great job! The salesperson was very thorough and gave us plenty of time to make decisions. The home was altered to fit our needs. We know that Tri-Point Homes stands behind their product. We love it!” - Jack and Linda
“We are extremely pleased with our new home and with the service that we receive from Tri-Point Homes. The staff is helpful, honest, and accommodating.” - Stephanie and Robert
“When I came to Tri-Point I wasn’t sure if I could afford this type of home. The staff at Tri-Point worked within my budget and helped me find a house that I could afford. I made no sacrifices on options. I didn’t have to sacrifice quality for price either. I got everything I needed all within my budget thanks to the wonderful people at Tri-Point. It was a super experience!” - Vicki
“Today is an exciting day for me. I’m moving in to my new home. I looked around for a new home for about six months and knew what I was looking for. When I got to Tri-Point Homes, I was sold! I loved the layout and the quality of the homes. I decided that this was where I wanted to be.” - Dorothy
“Tri-Point Homes is excellent. They went through everything with us and helped in every way. They were very encouraging and helping in the utmost professional manner. We are happy with the staff and the service we receive. We weighed our options heavily before deciding on a certain plan and the staff never got tired or tried to push us into a decision. We were definitely well satisfied with the friendly, courteous, helpful staff at Tri-Point.” - Gene and Jill
“We didn’t think buying a new home was going to be possible. They made it a reality. Thank you very much Tri-Point Homes.” – Carl and Molly
“We really appreciate the professionalism of Tri-Point Homes’ staff. They are very knowledgeable. When we called with questions, they were pleasant and quickly responded with honest, accurate answers. Their customer service is fantastic. And we moved in on time!” – Ron and Naomi
“I first saw the home at an open house. I fell in love with the floor plan – especially the kitchen island and the coloring. They told me that they had another one for sale at the office. I loved it. Now I have a new home. The staff is honest and helpful. They helped me take care of the little things so that I did not have to take time away from my job. It is an extremely easy process.” - Barb
“We were not really interested in purchasing a trailer house. We heard about Tri-Point from friends and went over to see their home. We really liked it. Tri-Point’s manufactured homes are beautiful and better quality than we expected. With Tri-Point’s assistance, we obtained financing. Our home is really roomy. We love it!” - Tina and Ryan
“My home is beautiful. The experience of working with Tri-Point Homes has been wonderful. As a first-time homebuyer, it was hard to wait patiently while the home was constructed and hooked up but it was definitely worth the wait. Everything just went fantastic. My new home is gorgeous!” -- Diane
“Our new Tri-Point home is very beautiful. We are pleased with everything. The rooms are the perfect size. The land that the home is on is simply gorgeous. It took awhile for everything to get started but once the process began it was completed quickly. Our home was definitely worth the wait and we are truly happy with it. It is really a dream come true for us. My goal was have my own home by the time I was thirty-five. I didn’t think we would be able to afford it. Tri-Point Homes helped us obtain financing and now we have our own home. I reached my goal a year early. Thank you for everything Tri-Point.” – Eric and Leslie
“As a first time homebuyer, I have to say this experience was greater than I anticipated. The house is better looking that I imagined, and the financing was at a lower rate than I was expecting. Tri-Point helped make it happen.” - Brian
“We really enjoyed working with the people of Tri-Point. Everything about our experience was terrific. They got us into our new home on time just as they told us they would. The home is absolutely beautiful! It’s everything we imagined! The financing process was quick. We didn’t spend months wondering if were approved. We’re very happy with the service Tri-Point provides!” – Laura and Casey
“Tri-Point Homes has been extremely helpful – especially with obtaining financing for our home. Being first time homebuyers, we were not sure where to begin. They helped us every step of the way. From the first moment we saw the home, we knew this was where we wanted to live. We are very grateful that the staff came out and worked with us although we were resided far from their office. We are very pleased with Tri-Point.” -- Heidi and Richard
“We’re very satisfied with how things are going. Tri-Point Homes was really helpful with getting loan approved and getting us the lowest interest rates available. All our questions were answered. If they didn’t know the answer, they found it and responded quickly. The staff is very friendly. I recommend that everybody purchase a Tri-Point home.” -- Mark and Denise
“Tri-Point beats the competition, especially in the quality of the floors, the walls, and the insulation. I checked out other homes and the difference was obvious. Their homes are beautifully constructed and their staff is extremely helpful and pleasant. I recommend Tri-Point to everyone!” – Bill
“I liked Tri-Point Homes from the beginning. They worked with me. They showed me around the lot and then sat down with me. The salespeople helped me choose a model and obtain affordable financing. As a new business owner, I have different needs as far as banks are concerned. Tri-Point’s staff was always helpful and patient. I am very excited to be moving in!” – Nicole
“When we decided to look for our first home we visited the dealers in this area. When we visited Tri-Point Homes we met the friendliest, nicest staff. Other dealers weren’t very polite. Tri-Point worked hard to get us this house. Thank you for helping us with purchasing this beautiful home!” - Hollie and David
“The quality of service we receive from Tri-Point Homes is excellent. Our salesperson was pleasant, helpful, and terrific to work with. The home is so lovely. We can’t wait to move in!” – Russell and Karen
“Everything is fantastic. We are so excited. I love the cupboards and the dishwasher! I finally have a dishwasher! I love the countertops. The quality and construction are excellent. The home has plenty of room and is absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait for everything to be turned on and move in. We will be in on time.” -- Chris and Lane
“The Tri-Point Homes staff is excellent. They were courteous, on time, and they quickly resolved issues and concerns. They helped us realize our dream of purchasing our first home. We appreciate the time and effort of the Tri-Point team. We couldn’t have had a nicer team of people working with us! Thank you so much Tri-Point!” – Joe and Tonia
“I can’t say enough good things about Tri-Point Homes. Their staff bent over backwards to help me get into my home. Everyone was so patient and kind. I recommend Tri-Point to everyone!” – Kathy
“Tri-Point Homes made the process of buying our new home very easy. The girls are looking forward to their new bedrooms. We can hardly wait to move in! We love the quality of our new home.” - Michelle and her family.


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