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System Built Homes are better for a multitude of reasons.

The biggest include:

  • We use 30% more lumber than typical stick built homes and are stronger and more durable (See FEMA report following Hurricane Andrew)
  • Our homes are more energy-efficient than typical stick built homes, always including nearly twice the wall insulation of typical stick built homes.
  • We can build new, custom to suit your needs, on a lot of your choice, in 1/2 to 1/3rd the time of typical stick built homes.
  • Our homes are designed, built, and inspected to a "SUPERCODE", unlike the stick built homes in 1/2 of our markets which have NO code and NO inspections! The "SUPERCODE" allows the factory to place the home in any of Ohio's 88 counties or in neighboring states without change.
  • Our homes are built entirely indoors in a controlled climate -- unlike stick built homes where rain and snow damage the floors and lumber.
  • We can dedicate huge volume purchases of raw materials, requiring volume discounts from suppliers, which keep costs down.
  • The same volume purchase ability allows us to use specialized products such as 4x11 sheets of OSB reducing waste further keeping costs down.
  • We can use special construction techniques not possible with stick building, make your home safer, stronger, and more energy efficient.
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